"Digital Scholarship for the Humanities" (DISH) is an interdepartmental research centre of the University of Turin which aims at promoting and coordinating researches done in different domains of the humanities which integrate ICT tools and methodologies and/or digital platforms and techniques.


The Centre has been established by nine Departments of the University of Turin: the Department of Computer Science; the Department of Cultures, Politics and Society; the Department of Foreign Languages, Literatures and Modern Cultures; the Department of Historical Studies; the Department of Humanities; the Department of Law; the Department of Philosophy and Education Sciences; the Department of Psychology; the Interuniversity Department of Regional and Urban Studies and Planning.


The Centre's multidisciplinary research area is internationally known as the Digital Humanities field (also formerly known as "humanities computing" and in Italy as "informatica umanistica"). This research field is part of a larger research framework: "Social sciences and Humanities (SH)" as it is conceived in the European Research Council's classification of the fields of sciences (ERC panel structure).


The research Centre also aims at:

  • promoting and supporting the knowledge and use of quantitative methodologies and of digital culture among the different humanities communities, both in the research and the teaching activities, as well as in the support services. 
  • fostering research in the analysis and empowerment of the digital transformation processes by individuals and the society as a whole, following a humanities and social science research framework, and in cooperation with researchers in different domains and other local stakeholders.
  • encouraging cooperation among different scientific domains and the exchange of ideas by developing the connection between intellectual curiosity and technological curiosity.