Open Literature

Open Literature

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Open Literature is an interdepartmental research project coordinated by members of the Dept. of Foreign Languages, Literatures and Modern Cultures. Since 2021, the team collaborates with members of the Dept. of Humanities (contact persons: Andrea Balbo, Ermanno Malaspina) and the Dept. of Philosophy and Education Science (contact person: Enrico Pasini).


The research project mainly concerns the impact and the potential of digital media towards the humanities, in particular the members:

  • analyze the conservation, valorization and fruition of the cultural capital in the humanities (e.g., literary fiction and nonfiction);
  • investigate the reception of the cultural knowledge within different target age in our society, from students to seniors;
  • study the internet/book and the author/readers relationships;
  • conduct a diachronic research on the evolution of writing practices in the twenty-first century and their precursors in the past; 
  • study and implement tools and strategies for online teaching.


The main theme of each one of the research line above is the idea expressed in the project name: Open links to the idea of the digital world as open text and the openness inherent to the humanities; Literature refers to the communicative strategies and the scientific knowledge characteristic of literature as a mix of knowledge and method.


The research team combines research activities with the organization of and the participation to conferences and seminars, as well as the publication of scientific articles, teaching in graduate and post-graduate courses, and outreach activities mainly in local secondary schools.



Principal Investigator:

Cristina Trinchero


Research Team:

Pierangela Adinolfi (member of the research team)
Mattia Carli (external member, former research fellow)
Carmen Concilio (member of the research team)
Lianna D’Amato (external member, Synapta srl, former research fellow)
Maria Festa (PhD student, former research fellow)
Bianca Gai (member of the research team)
Roberto Merlo (member of the research team)
Daniela Nelva (member of the research team)
Virginia Pignagnoli (University of Zaragoza, former research fellow)
Stefano Pinardi (research fellow)
Roberta Sapino (post-doc fellow)
Silvia Ulrich (member of the research team)








Funding bodies:
Fondazione CRT – Cassa di Risparmio di Torino
Fondazione CRC – Cassa di Risparmio di Cuneo




Open Literature. La cultura digitale negli studi letterari, a cura di Virginia Pignagnoli e Silvia Ulrich. Numero monografico di: QuadRi: Quaderni di «RiCognizioni», 4, Università di Torino, Dipartimento di Lingue e Letterature Straniere e Culture Moderne, 2016. URL: