Digitising with IRIDIHUM

Equipment of the IRIDIHUM Centre


I.RI.DI.HU.M. (Research Infrastructure for DIgital HUmanities and Media) was set up in 2022 with the grant for 'Initiatives to strengthen research infrastructures' - DM 737/2021 thanks to three sponsoring departments (Humanities, Foreign Languages and Literatures and Modern Cultures, Historical Studies), in collaboration with the DISH Research Centre and with StudiUmLab.


Conceived as a "diffused infrastructure" over several sites of the Humanities cluster of the University of Turin, I.RI.DI.HU.M. is the venue for activities related to the digital acquisition of cultural sources (ancient and modern textual sources, audio and video products, multimedia products), the processing of digitised or "born-digital" materials, their analysis and subsequent processing and reworking, also in a performative perspective, for the realisation and implementation of research, and related scientific products, in the various declinations of the Digital Humanities.


The following equipment is currently available: